Generation One

Joseph Underwood (1555 - 1600)

Joseph + Wife => John

b.1555 at Dorchester, Dorset, England

c.m. Wife of Joseph Underwood

d.d. 1600 at Dorchester, Dorset, England

Generation Two

John Underwood (1585 - 1631)

John + Rachel => Martin + Joseph + Thomas

b. 1585 at Dorchester, Dorset, England

m. 25 Apr 1607 Rachel Edwards at Holy Trinity Church, Dorchester, Dorset, England

d. 19 Apr 1631 at London, London, England

Generation Three

Martin Underwood (1596 - 1672)

b. 1596 at Great Bentley, Essex, England

  1. d.17 Nov 1672 at Watertown, Middlesex, MA

Joseph Underwood (1614 - 1676)

b. 1614 at London, Middlesex, England

  1. d.16 Dec 1676 at Watertown, Middlesex County, MA

Thomas Underwood (1620 - 1683)

Thomas + Elizabeth => Samuel + Elizabeth

b. 1620 at England

m. Elizabeth Meeres

d. 1683 at Middle Neck, Anne Arundel County, MD

This Thomas Underwood, progenitor of our branch of this family, came from England. He was brought to Virginia with Captain Moore Fautleroy of Lower Norfolk Co., VA in 1650. (It is not known if the Captain was a Captain in the military or Ships Master). No ship's name has been found. Thomas paid for passage of himself and Elizabeth (probably already his wife). They came with 81 others, several of whom were Underwoods of unknown relationship: Mary and husband, George Underwood; Ann Underwood; William Underwood and parents; William Underwood, Gent. and wife Mary. It stated that three Underwood brothers "grenadiered" in the British army, came to America and once landed, they separated. One went to New York, another to North Carolina and the third to Maryland. Their father possibly emigrated to America too and lived in Maryland.

It is not known how long our Thomas stayed in Virginia, but probably soon after he and Thomas Meeres, a Quaker friend or relative, travelled to Maryland. Maryland history records states that Quakers first entered the colony in 1657-8, after traveling on foot from Virginia. It also states that Thomas Meere's arrived the first year Severn River was settled. It is assumed this applies to Thomas Underwood as well.

It is not known for sure that Thomas Underwood was a Quaker. He is in no Quaker records and did not refuse the oath of allegiance as Thomas Meeres did. One of his grandsons became a Quaker minister. Wife Elizabeth could have been a Meeres before marriage. Relationships that indicate this are the fact that after Thomas died, his children went to live on Thomas Meeres farm. Daughter Elizabeth is mentioned in Thomas Meeres' will dated May 16, 1674 as "my orphan servant". (The meaning of orphan at that time indicates Thomas Underwood was deceased, but might not indicate that his wife Elizabeth was.) Thomas's son, John Meeres lists Samuel Underwood, brother to Elizabeth in his will.

It is not certain if Elizabeth entered Virginia with Thomas Underwood in 1750 as she is not listed in Greer's "Immigrants to Virginia." Possibly she departed her ship in Maryland or Pennsylvania and was later rejoined by Thomas Underwood. She did come in 1650 according to testimony from her husband: "I, Thomas Underwood do assign over to Thomas Bradley, or his assigns all my right and title to land due to me, my wife - Elizabeth, William Jones, William Waddles, Dorethy Grove. I came in the year 50 and so did my wife, Elizabeth, Jones in 58, Waddle in 62, Grove in 58, witness my hand 3 Sept., 1663."

Thomas in other words brought over each of the persons mentioned in this quote and actually received land grants for bringing in additional settlers. He could not have been poor to find opportunities to do this. By Feb. 9, 1662 he had 50 acres. On Aug. 6, 1663 he received from Lord Baltimore, a grant for the land which was named "Middle Neck" located at 30 degrees North Latitude and basically 76 degrees West Longitude near the current day Annapolis, Maryland. On Aug. 8, 1863 he received another grant for 100 acres from Lord Baltimore which he had surveyed on Oct. 20, 1663. He named this "The Landing.

Generation Four

Samuel Underwood (1650 - 1730)

Samuel + Mary => Samuel + Elizabeth

b. 1650 at New Castle, DE

m. 1681 Mary Ann Wilcock at New Castle, DE

d. 07 Aug 1746 at Wilmington, New Castle County, DE

Samuel and his sister Elizabeth were apparently left as orphans and lived with John Meares. On 5 Oct 1683 Samuel received two separate grants of 22 1/2 acres each from Lord Baltimore, based on assignments from Henry Hanslap. These grants, known as 'Underwood's Addition’ were laid out on the north side of the Severn River near the grants to his father called 'Middle Neck' and the 'Landing'. He also obtained a grant for another fifty acres in the general area known as 'Mutual Content'. He sold the tract known as 'Middle Neck' on 14 Aug 1683. He kept the remainder of the property and probably lived upon it until his death.

On 14 Mar 1722 he purchased 250 acres in London Grove, PA located on the township's lower west boundary. Samuel never lived there, leaving 150 acres to his son Benjamin, and 50 Acres each to sons Alexander and Thomas. His sons sold the land 27 May 1730. Alexander also owned another 159 acres just north of there.

Some records show Samuel dying in 1746. As his will was written 11 Jun 1722, he probably died closer to that date, or at least before 1730 when his sons sold the land in London Grove.

Dorset, England 1890’s

Holy Trinity Church, Dorset, England

Generation Five

Samuel Underwood (1682 - 1746)

b. 1682 at Baltimore, MD

  1. d.07 Aug 1746 at Baltimore, Baltimore County, MD

Joseph Underwood (1684 - 1766)

b. 1684 at New Castle, New Castle County, DE

d. 27 Nov 1766 at New Castle, New Castle County, DE

Generation Six

Benjamin Underwood (1686 - 1759)

Benjamin + Sarah => Benjamin + Joseph

b. 1686 at New Castle, DE

m. 1700 Sarah

d. 1759 at New Castle, DE

Generation Seven

Joseph Underwood (1704 - 1783)

b. 1704 at New Castle, New Castle County, DE

  1. d.1783 at Virginia

Benjamin Underwood (1711 - 1785)

Benjamin + Sarah + Wife => John + Fabey

b. 1711 at New Castle, New Castle, Delaware, United States

m.(1) Sarah Margaret

m.(2) Wife of Benjamin Underwood

d. 1785 at Pencader Hundred, New Castle, Delaware, United States

Generation Eight

Benjamin Underwood (1686 - 1759)

Benjamin + Sarah => Benjamin + Joseph

b. 1686 at New Castle, DE

m. 1700 Sarah

d. 1759 at New Castle, DE

Generation Nine

Thomas Underwood (1734 - 1799)

b. 1734 at Fauquier County, VA

d. 26 Apr 1799 at Spartanburg, Spartanburg, SC

9. Sarah Underwood (1750 - 1820)

b. 1750 at Culpepper, VA

  1. d.12 Jan 1820 at Spartanburg, SC

George Underwood (1752 - 1840)

b. 1752 at Fauquier, VA

  1. d.1840 at Greenville, Greenville, SC

William Underwood (1756 - 1814)

William + Susannah => Kirby + John + James + William + Elizabeth + Susanna + Washington

b. 17 Feb 1756 at Surry Co, NC

m. 28 Feb 1782 Susannah Kirby  at Surry, NC

d. 20 Dec 1814 at Anderson, TN

Military Service, American Revolutionary War : NC Line, Capt. William Underwood, NC Line, lived in Surry Co,

NC at enlistment, married Susan or Susanna Kerbey 28 Feb 1782 in Surry Co, NC. He died 20 Dec 1814, and

his widow applied 2 Mar 1841 in Anderson Co, TN, aged about 80. She died 5 Mar 1851 leaving children

Washington Underwood and Elizabeth Sharpe and both were living in 1855, the said Washington Underwood

was of Anderson Co, TN in 1855, soldier's brothers John Underwood aged 86 and Thomas Underwood aged

83 were both of Sevier Co, TN in 1853. John Kerby or Kerbey had served with Capt. William Underwood, but

no relationship to soldier's wife Susan was given.

*Extracted from Revolutionary War Genealogical Pension Abstracts, Virgil White, by C. Hammett

Generation Ten

Kirby Underwood ( - 1794)

b. at Anderson County County, TN

  1. d.1794 at Anderson County County, TN

John Underwood (1782 - 1857)

b. 24 Nov 1782 at Surry County, NC

d. 25 Jul 1857 at Christian, KY

10. James Underwood (1783 - )

b. 31 Dec 1783 at Surry County, NC


William Underwood (1788 - 1813)

b. 06 Jan 1788 at Surry County, NC

  1. d.1813

Elizabeth Underwood (1790 - 1855)

b. 11 Nov 1790 at Surry County, NC

  1. d.1855

Susanna Underwood (1795 - )

b. 04 Feb 1795 at Surry County, NC

  1. Sevier County, TN

Washington Underwood (1797 - 1864)

Washington + Freely => Belinda + Betsy + Walter + Tabitha + Parlia + Vilintia + John + Freely + William

b. 11 Jan 1797 at TN

m. 1819 Freely Hill at Anderson County County, TN

d. 05 Jul 1864 at Anderson County County, TN

Underwood Cemetery, Lake City,

Anderson County, Tennessee

Generation Eleven

Belinda Underwood (1820 - 1832)

b. 1820 at Anderson County County, TN

  1. d.1832

Betsy Underwood (1821 - 1894)

b. 1821 at Andersonville, Anderson County County, TN

  1. d.1894 at Heiskell, Knox, Anderson County County, TN

Walter Underwood (1823 - 1827)

b. 23 Mar 1823 at Anderson County County, TN

  1. d.25 Aug 1827

Tabitha Underwood (1825 - 1918)

b. 26 Mar 1825 at Tennessee

  1. d.Dec 1918

Parlia Underwood (1826 - 1895)

b. 26 Oct 1826 at Anderson County County, TN

  1. d.21 Jul 1895 at Anderson County County, TN

Vilintia Underwood (1828 - 1897)

b. 18 Sep 1828 at Tennessee

  1. d.07 Apr 1897 at Anderson County County, TN

John Washington Underwood (1830 - )

b. 18 Sep 1830


Freely Ann Underwood (1832 - 1885)

b. 25 Aug 1832 at Anderson County County, TN

d. 23 Jan 1885 at Anderson County County, TN

William Underwood (1834 - 1898)

William + Mary => Charlie + Walter + Martha + William + James

b. 06 Jul 1834 at Tennessee

m. 07 Mar 1861 Mary Elizabeth Wallace

d. 07 May 1898 at Lake City, Anderson County County, TN

Generation Twelve

Charlie McCellan Underwood

b. at Anderson County County, TN


Walter Abner Underwood

b. at Anderson County County, TN


Martha F. Underwood (1862 - 1892)

b. abt 1862 at Tennessee

d. 17 Nov 1892

William W. Underwood (1867 - 1946)

b. abt 1867 at Tennessee

d. 10 Jul 1946 at Anderson County County, TN

James Hiram Underwood (1868 - 1935)

James + Minnie => James + Fred

b. 23 Oct 1868 at Anderson County, TN

m. abt 1910 Minnie Mae Gibson

d. 25 Jan 1935 at Anderson County, TN

Generation Thirteen

James McPherson Underwood (1913 - 1993)

Fred Wallace Underwood (1915 - 1978)

Fred + Grace Coker

b. 19 Oct 1915 at Clinton, Anderson County TN

m. 02 Feb 1938 Grace Coker  at Walker, Georgia, United States

d.Dec 1978

Underwood Cemetery, Lake City, Anderson County, Tennessee

Sunset Cemetery, Clinton, Anderson County, Tennessee